Old lodge HS held a young bird open race in the form of a ticket race on Wednesday August 16th from Swainswick, competitors were allowed a maximum of four tickets and each ticket was for three birds. As in previous years top flyers from Preston, Chorley, and North Lancashire purchased their tickets to compete. As the forecast had shown that the weather would deteriorate further later in the day the birds were liberated at 8.45am in a light southerly breeze turning easterly on route. The total race payout of prize money and pools was a healthy £667.70.

The race was won by the in form partnership of Harrison and Hull with a cheq pied Herman Van de Weyer cock winning £104.50 on a velocity of 1439. He is bred from retired race cock Jupiter who won numerous 1st prizes during his race career and who is sire to many of the teams prize winners when paired to Latona a daughter that was bred for stock from the £700 pair purchased at Steve Taylor of Chorleys entire clearance sale. The young cock is known round the loft as Puffing Billy as if you go near his box he blows himself up into a huge round ball.



The places of second and third were really tight going to the third decimal place however Keith Williams of Bamber Bridge just piped his club mate Arnie Brockbank for second place with a velocity of 1436.585. Keith’s bird a pencil blue cock won him £70 and was sent sitting 12 days and both his sire and dam are bred by Steve Sutton of Rawcliffe Bridge, Nr Goole, Yorks. Taking third position Arnie won £173.76 on the velocity of 1436.583 with his fancied pigeon pooled to £5 a blue Leen Boer hen. The hen had been 1st club & 2nd Preston fed at Shrewsbury and is sister to many of Arnies prize winners.

The fourth place went to the Harrison and Hull partnership with their fancied pigeon also pooled to £5 winning £153.50 on a velocity of 1417. This hen is a Louis Cooreman bred from Braven 94 and Nikita ( Tap, Benita nd Newgate Theo lines) and she had been beaten by her loftmate by 4 seconds into the clock the previous Saturday to finish 2nd club and 3rd New Lancs Fed.

Fifth place was taken by Peter Heywood of Chipping on a velocity of 1393 with a dark cheque cock that had been driving his hen for two days prior to the race. This cock was bred in January from Peter’s Jan Loot Janssen stock birds and was put on the darkness.

The Harrison and Hull team took the final prize position that of sixth with a blue Janssen hen on a velocity of 1389 winning £43.50. This young hen is bred from stock cock Chantilly Dream and the Blue Bomber hen that won the North West Grand National 1999 YB Ventnor for Janet and Dave when they flew as Mr & Mrs Hull.

Other pools money winners were Mr & Mrs Andy Gregson winning £49.59, Tommy Huddleston and Frank Cuthbertson winning £3.15, Alan and Eric Bamford winning £7.20 and Terry Strickland winning £18.



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