YEOVIL OB 1 flown on 12/05/2007

Liberation 9 : 30 : 0 AM 15 Members sent 231 Birds West South West

1 T JACKSON 1600.587

2 T JACKSON  1591.595

3 W PARKER 1582.499

4 HARRISON & HULL  1571.932

5 HARRISON & HULL 1565.194

6 R LATHAM & SON 1562.748

7 K WHITNEY 1562.646


9 A & D ILEY 1556.908

10 HARRISON & HULL 1555.905



Liberation 11 : 30 : 0 AM 17 Members sent 275 Birds NORTH EAST

1 T JACKSON  1590.284

2 HARRISON & HULL  1589.055

3 HARRISON & HULL  1588.594

4 HARRISON & HULL  1585.675

5 HARRISON & HULL 1584.756

6 T JACKSON  1584.527

7 HARRISON & HULL 1580.480

8 T JACKSON  1575.671


10 W PEARSON & G'SON 1570.402


CHELTENHAM OB 2 flown on 28/04/2007

Liberation 11 : 45 : 0 AM 16 Members sent 289 Birds Norh East Wind

1 HARRISON & HULL1454.309


3 HARRISON & HULL 1438.043

4 W PEARSON & G/SON 1436.305

5 W PEARSON & G/SON  1409.173

6 T JACKSON 1406.403

7 HARRISON & HULL  1406.285

8 K BURNS 1404.145

9 T JACKSON  1400.661

10 MR & MRS PRITCHARD 1394.330

Old Lodge HS were liberated into a north east wind for their second Cheltenham race of the season. The Harrison and Hull team were 1st & 3rd club, 3rd & 7th fed and 4th & 12th combine. First in the clock for the team was 2yo Destiny bred from King Bee an inbred stock cock to King Barcelona 1 when paired to stock hen The Witneus hen an inbred hen of Witneus – R Floorizone lines. As a yearling destiny scored on numerous occasions including 1st club & 1st sect west NWCC Yelverton and 3rd club, 4th sect west and 7th open NWCC Messac when he was beaten by loft mates for 1st open. Second to be timed was the ever reliable Louis Cooreman The Pencil Cock, this cock has already been 1st club, 4th club & 8th combine Kempsey this year and as a yearling he was in the clock weekly with his best performance being 1st club, fed & combine. Taking 2nd club, 4th fed & 6th combine was Huddlestone and Cuthbertson with a Camphius Janssen cock named Derek that is proving to be a very consistent pigeon for the partnerhip this year. This cock bred by Derek Pedley won minor cards as a yearling with his best performance being 2nd Section west NWGN. Bill pearson was 4th & 5th club, 8th & 15th fed & 13th & 34th combine with a 2yo blue widowhood cock bred by the late Graham Pearce clocked first and then a 2yo chequer white flight cock. Tommy Jackson finished 6th club, 21st fed and 42nd combine with a yearling cock. Div 1 winner of the free nom was Bill Pearson with Harrison and Hull as runners-up whilst in Div 2 Tommy Jackson won the 1st free nom and Huddleston and Cuthbertson won the 2nd prize. Tommy Jackson won the xmas nom.

 CHELTENHAM OB 1 flown on 21/04/2007

Liberation 12 : 0 : 0 AM 17 Members sent 267 Birds South West Wind

1 HARRISON & HULL  1912.732



4 T JACKSON 1902.368

5 W PEARSON & G/SON 1898.906


7 T JACKSON  1898.420

8 W PARKER  1897.144

9 T JACKSON 1895.274

10 MR & MRS PRITCHARD 1885.953

Old Lodge HS were liberated at 12 noon on 21/04/07 into a south west wind for their Cheltenham 1 race where 17 members entered 267 birds. The Harrison and Hull partnership were 1st club, 3rd fed and 4th combine with 2yo cheq cock Chantilly Lad, a Janssen x Herman Van De Weyer widowhood cock. This cock won a North West Region RPRA Sprint Award in 2006 after winning numerous 1st prizes including 1st combine Yeovil and 1st Section West NWCC Lulworth. Tommy Huddleston and Frank Cuthbertson finished 2nd , 3rd & 6th club, 4th , 6th & 9th fed and 7th , 12th & 18th combine. First in the clock for the pair was a 2yo Camphuis Janssen chequer cock, next was a 2yo De Weerdt red cock and their third pigeon was a 4yo blue cock. Tommy Jackson was 4th club, 7th fed and 14th combine with a yearling chequer cock. Bill Pearson took 5th club, 8th fed and 17th combine with a yearling slate cock. The 1st jackpot, Div 2 1st free nom and xmas nom was won by Mr & Mrs Pritchard. Runner in div 2 was Jack Ashton from Ashton Garden Centre lofts, whilst in div 1 the 1st free nom was won by Cuthbertson and Huddleston and the 2nd prize was won by Harrison and Hull as was the second jackpot.


KEMPSEY OB flown on 14/04/2007

Liberation 11 : 0 : 0 AM 18 Members sent 291 Birds EASTERLY WIND

1 HARRISON & HULL 1562.302

2 HARRISON & HULL 1560.039


4 HARRISON & HULL  1550.445

5 W PARKER  1542.629

6 W PEARSON & G/SON  1532.347

7 W PEARSON & G/SON  1526.032

8 T JACKSON  1515.126

9 R LATHAM & SON  1512.044

10 T JACKSON 1508.501

Old Lodge HS were liberated at Kempsey in an easterly wind at 11am for their second race of the season and 18 members sent 291 birds. The Harrison and Hull partnership had a good race finishing 1st, 2nd and 4th club, 4th, 6th and 10th New Lancs Fed and 8th, 11th and 23rd South Lancs Combine. The Pencil Cock was their first to be clocked, this 2yo Louis Cooreman bred from Dakota and the Spotted Headed Hen is a g/gson of the Ace breeding pair of Louis Cooremans Tap and Benita. As a yearling this cock was rarely out of the clock with his best performance being at Mangotsfield where he was 1st club, 1st fed and 1st combine. Second club went to a yearling blue Janssen cock bred from top producing stock cock Chantilly Boy (son of Chantilly 03) and Kirks Girl. The third pigeon to be clocked by Dave and Janet was a cheq yearling Janssen cock called Frankie named after Frank Sinatra as the young cock has blue eyes. Tommy Huddleston and Frank Cuthbertson finished 3rd club 7th fed and 12th combine with 2yo cock Jim a wildie cock the last the partnership have the Jim Dutton lines. This cock scored twice last year with 1st prizes in Bamber Bridge HS and 1st section west in NWGN fc. New member in the club for this season Billy Parker was 5th club, 14th fed and 34th combine with a 3yo blue hen. Finishing 6th club and 23rd fed was Bill Pearson with a yearling widowhood cock. Division 1 free nom was won by Bill Pearson with Bernard McCarthy as runner up. Harrison and Hull won the 1st Jackpot with 2nd Jackpot and division 2 free nom being won by Tommy Jackson. Billy Parker was runner up in the division 2 free nom and Ken Burns won the Xmas Nom.


WOLLASTON OB flown on 07/04/2007

Liberation 11 : 15 : 0 AM 17 Members sent 276 Birds North Wind

1 W PEARSON & G/SON  1424.722

2 HARRISON & HULL  1421.300

3 HARRISON & HULL  1420.241


5 W PEARSON & G/SON  1415.631

6 MR & MRS PRITCHARD  1414.887

7 T JACKSON 1413.242


9 W PEARSON & G/SON 1412.697


Old Lodge HS are flying in the New Lancs Fed and South Lancs Combine for the 2007 Season. The first race of the year on 7th April was from Wollaston and saw 17 members enter 276 birds. The birds were liberated in good weather conditions with a north wind at the liberation site at 11.15. The first red card of the season, 7th fed and 26th combine went to Bill Pearson with a yearling blue cock Mister Gary named after its breeder Gary Spavin of Lancaster, he had previously scored as a young bird having won 1st Portland and 6th New Lancs Fed. Bill also finished 5th club, 15th fed and 37th combine with a 2y old cock. The Harrison and Hull partnership had two together to finish 2nd and 3rd club, 8th and 10th fed and 27th and 29th combine. First in the clock was 2yo Louis Cooreman cock Dark Grizeldar this cock won 1st club & 1st fed as a youngster and 1st club & 2nd fed as a yearling. Second to be timed was Magoo a yearling Janssen cock that had three races as a youngster bred from top producing stock cock Remus (son of Chantilly 03) and Miss Reliable who won in excess of £3000 during her channel racing career. Finishing 4th club, 12th fed and 34th combine was 4yo cock no 77 for Huddleston & Cuthbertson, this cock is one of the partnerships best pigeons bred down from Franks’ old blue cock that won too much to mention for Frank when he flew in Leyland club and Merseyside Fed. The final club card went to Mr & Mrs Pritchard winning 6th club, 17th fed and 40th combine with a 2yo meally cock. Div 1 1st free nom and 1st Jackpot were won by Harrison and Hull, Div 1 2nd free nom was won by Roy Latham, Div 2 1st free nom, Xmas Nom and 2nd Jackpot was won by Huddleton and Cuthbertson, Div 2 2nd free nom was won by Tommy Jackson.



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